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  • 2022 年全年營收年增 53%,達 194 億日圓,超越先前制定的 192 億日圓財測目標
  • 全年營業利益提前一年轉正,營業利益率為 0.3%,年增 9 個百分點
  • 全年毛利成長加速,年增 60%,毛利率來到 51.5%,近四年成長超過 3 倍
  • 美國和 EMEA 市場營收年增逾 7 倍,佔總營收的 12%
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Did you know that you can use job board integrations to automatically post new job openings to career sites? Create job listings on thousands of career sites to get in front of more potential candidates than ever before with the OneSource Recruitment.

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